4th Grade Open-Ended Landscapes

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Although all of my students work with a variety of different subject matter, my art curriculum is organized to dig deep into a different genre in each grade level. For each of these genres, students view and discuss historical and/or contemporary artwork in a brief slide show and learn about a variety of techniques related to the genre in a video (or live) demonstration. Students are then encouraged to create an artwork in the specified genre in a way that interests them as unique, individual artists.

Here are the genres that I cover in grades 1-5:

  • 1st Grade – Animals
  • 2nd Grade – Abstract (Color and Shape)
  • 3rd Grade – Portraits
  • 4th Grade – Landscapes
  • 5th Grade – Popular Culture

In this post, I’m going to share a lesson on landscapes that I did with my 4th graders

Students started by viewing the “museum” slide below. They were asked to identify an artwork that stood out to them and talk about why it caught their eye and what they noticed. We also discuss the style and the mood of the different pieces.

Next, students watched a 6 minute video that I created demonstrating how to paint a landscape using a reference image: Landscape (

The video is purposefully made to be brief, giving students just enough information to create their own landscapes.

My Landscape Painting Video Covers:

  • Selecting a landscape reference image and choosing paper format
  • Drawing a simplified sketch of the reference image
  • Carefully Observing the image
  • Color choices and mixing desired colors
  • Techniques – blending and wet over dry
  • Adding details

Students then set out to create their own unique landscapes. First, they had to select a reference image and lightly draw it, then they complete their landscapes in their choice of media. The results included trees, sunsets, fields, ocean scenes, mountains and waterfalls in a variety of different styles and media.

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