The Art of Spin Art

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Mid-way through the year, when some of my students are in need inspiration and new ideas, I set-up the spin art station. Spin art offers everything that young artists LOVE – it’s experimental, there’s an element of surprise, it’s fun and the final product looks “cool”, making students feel successful. It is a station where students come together to share materials, ideas and discoveries.

  • Medium sized salad spinners
  • Tempera paint in squeeze bottles (can be diluted)
  • Medium weight tag board cut small (I mostly use 4″x4″, matboard scraps also work well)
  1. Write your name on the paper and place it inside of the salad spinner chamber with your name facing down
  2. Squirt a few different colors of paint on top of the paper
  3. Put on the lid and spin!
  4. Take off the lid and remove your creation.

Although I love the process of spin art and how much my students really enjoy it, it can quickly become overwhelming.


  • Only bring out as many salad spinners as you can manage. I have a total of four, but sometimes I only bring out two and have students share.
  • Experiment with different paint consistencies (or have students experiment and share their findings). You know what works best for your program and how much paint you can spare.
  • Allow extra time for clean-up and teach students how to wash out the spinners (I wipe out the paint with paper towels before bringing it to the sink).
  • Encourage students to push their work further. They can explore color theory (see images below) and try different approaches. When finished, instead of just having a pile of mini paintings, they can collage them. I have included a downloadable list of spin art suggestions.
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